Games Glitch Thumb Drive.

Trying add games in bulk mode just causes it to ruin the flash drive forcing a reformat. So, I tried putting the games on one at a time... for some reason, when adding certain games it causes all t...

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Fatal Error Fatal error occurred. Please send the following information to the application developer at (You can copy this text by pressing Ctrl+C or use the log file in the ...

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Games Installed But dont run

i have a old hard drive that has a 500GB and i formatted it with wbfs and it does mount game ok and install but i have the problem of it not running installed games and when i put it on my laptop w...

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I have 100+ gb worth of games in my HD but it's requiring me to format again!

I've gotten my HD formatted a few years ago, and only recently tried to add new games, but the program's keep saying that I need to format to WBFS. The games are working fine, and the settings for ...

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Okay look, I formatted my stuff. Everything worked fine. Managed to play some games on it. Then when I tried to browse a game, I found the game, clicked on it, and . . . an error popped up. Do you ...

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wiitdb.xml. error

Hey, Im new here, and new with a Wii... A friend of mine is traveling and he left me his Wii. it came with the loader gx, and after searching the internet i found this awesome tool to put wii games...

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WBFS 3.0.1 x64 mistaken setup file

When downloading WBFS 3.0.1 x64, we're downloading WBFS 3.0 At least mine is the same weight as WBFS 3.0 "setup.exe" file and claims to be the 3.0 version of the program. Thanks in advance.

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files not addding to wbfs drive

I find the .iso i want, I click it and it add drive with a wbfs drive that already has a wbfs file on it(that works 100%) but the file is never on the actual USB. I have no idea what might be going...

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cannot format a flash drive

It's the first time I am using WBFS and when I plugged a 8GB flash drive and clicked "Format" an error came out saying: "An error occurred while attempting to format the drive". I tried both 3.00 a...

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Cant do any action with the prtogramm

I am running win 7,64 bit,Service Pack 3 .When i try to format the USB or HDD it gives me a Fatall Error (with a very long message) and when i try to to Load it says"Error occured while loading dri...

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