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Copy/Clone ISO's to HDD turns "compresses" some games down to 0.06 GB (unplayable)!

Jan 19, 2010 at 5:38 AM

So when I copy or clone games from 1 hard drive to the next, it has about 15% of my games "compressed" to 0.06 GB on the new hdd.


So my original hard drive (lets call it HDD-A) shows a different file size in WBFS Manager than it shows in the new hard drive (HDD-B).


Here are a few examples in this format (Game name, Size on HDD-A, Size on HDD-B)

A Boy and his Blob, 1.13 GB, 0.06 GB

AC/DC Live Rock Band, 2.67 GB, 0.06 GB

Alvin & Chipmunks, 2.16 GB, 0.06 GB


I have about 15% of my games occur with this error - the games are playable on HDD-A when they are full size, but obviously not playable on HDD-B.


Has anyone encountered the same problem?


HDD-B has about 60% of its storage used in this partition.  It is a 1.5 TB partitioned in half.  I use the primary partition as the WBFS.  Other games work with this HDD, just not the ones that copy over to 0.06 GB