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SDHC init error

Dec 29, 2009 at 8:39 PM


Dear all,

I have tested 3 SD cards with WBFS manager.

1. A  2 GB Verbatim SDCard

2. A 4 GB Sandisk SDHC card

3. A  16 GB Kingston SDHC Card.

It seems with both SDHC the manager doesn't format correctly, although it states: formatted, ready to use.

When I format the 2 GB, it states that it occupies 0.05GB (directly after formatting).

Both SDHC cards report 0.00GB occupied after formatting. 

The 2GB card works fine when mounting in the WII, but both SDHC cards don't mount.

Tested this also with wbfs_win I init and wbfd_win I info. Both same results. the normal SD card states occupied 0.05  GB, the SDHC nothing.


It seems the 0.05 GB of material that is put on the SD card is required for correct mounting on the wii.

Does anyone have any suggestions?