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Unofficial versions of the same game

Jul 30, 2009 at 12:19 PM

I am a Guitar Hero fan and I usually play with GH III, GH Aerosmith, GH World Tour, GH Metallica and the brand new GH Smash Hits. I am very addicted to Guitar Hero, so I also downloaded a dozen of "Custom" versions. Those are hacks of the original game (Guitar Hero III) and include *new songs*, so each of them is almost a brand new game. Some of them are very worth to play.

Here is my question. Every "Custom" version of Guitar Hero III has almost the same code of the original game, so they all have the same "ID": RGHP52. Using WBFS File Manager, I can put on my hard drive only one version of those unofficials games, because they all have the same ID.

Is it possible to change this ID? Or make WBFS File Manager load multiple versions of a game, no matter the ID?

Thank you in advance.