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Having a hard time following channel creation notes

Jun 23, 2009 at 9:24 PM


The notes appear to assume a high degree of competence which I do not posess when it comes to fiddling with the wii so after each point I will highlight in bold the questions i have

  • To enable channel creation, go to Edit->Options and click on the Channel Creation tab. Then specify the base WAD file that you want to use, the location of the common-key.bin file, as well as the loader that you want to use.

Where should the base wad come from? something that is on the sd card? does it have to be another game or can i use the internet channel for example? can it be wiiware?

what is the common-key.bin file and where would I look to find it?

  • Click OK to confirm the changes.
  • Once channel creation has been enabled, you can choose one or more entries on the Games To Add list then click "Create Channels" (or right click and choose "Create Channels").
    • If you choose multiple entries, you will be asked to choose a folder to save the WAD files in and a batch creation process will begin.
  • Should this folder be copied to the sd card at some point?
  • reading ahead two lines if you select multiple entries will it still overwrite the existing channel id's?
  • following on from that how do I identify what channel id's are currently being used?
    • If you choose a single entry, you will be prompted for the 4 letter Channel ID you want to use and where you want to save the file.
      • Be careful with the Channel IDs you choose, if you have an existing channel with the same ID, it will be overwritten when you install the channel.
    • If you want, you can specify a USB loader DOL file other than the packaged presets. To do this, fill in the "USB Loader DOL File" setting with the DOL file you want to use, then type in the placeholder title ID in the "Title ID Placeholder" field, then click OK to confirm the changes.
    • A base WAD is not included with this application, you must supply your own. It is best to use a WAD file that belongs to a channel and one that is the same region as your console.
    • The common-key.bin file is not included with this application, you must supply the common-key.bin file.
thANKS in advance for reading and hopefully helping me understand