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Dec 10, 2011 at 10:57 PM

Hello, i have a 4.2U softmod wii.

I have a 500GB External HDD and never had problems with it. i put a few games on it and it worked no problem.

Well, i decided to put more games on it. When i plugged it into my PC it wouldnt show up on my drive list on WFBS Manager or Windows 7.

So, i plugged it into my Xbox 360 and it let me format it back to Fat32 and i had to put all my games back on there.

Well, i got another ISO game and i wanna put it on there and i find it a pain to have to go back and forth to format it back to Fat32 and put my games back on there wasting time.

So, i downloaded Wii Game Manager and i click Open WFBS Partition (A) and i get an error. How do i access my HDD without having to clear all my games on it?