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USB External Drive Enclosure Crapped Out

Jul 18, 2011 at 8:49 PM

So, my external 250 Gb hard drive enclosure is busted.  I was plugging in a usb cable and the connection snapped clean off.  So, we got another external hard drive of the same make and model, only difference is that the new one is 500 Gb.  I swapped out the drives, and with the old hard drive in the new enclosure, it won't read my hard drive on the wbfs reader, and it also won't quite load it on my wii.  It gets to the point where it starts to load the games on the Wii, but then the screen freezes.  I read somewhere that there is a way to reset the chip set on the new external hard drive, not sure if that is correct or not, nor am I sure it would even help.  Anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do here? I was considering trying to take my new drive (which is totally blank) and formatting part of it to wbfs to see what that would do, but so far have not tried this.  The drives that I have are both Western Digital My Books (my husband was too impatient for me to get a decent external drive with a docking station - that would have worked so much better I think - and he made the ultimate mistake and bought both drives at wally world).  The only difference in the two hard drives is the sizes of the drives, 250 Gb is the original and 500 Gb is the new one.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!