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Connecting USB drive crashes my AT&T UVerse

May 26, 2010 at 5:08 PM

So I successfully (or so I thought) modded my wii to use the usb external hard drive and play games stored on the hard drive.  Everything worked like it should.  I can backup games to the hard drive and play them.  But when I tried downloading cover art for a game for the first time (which is the first time connecting to my wireless network) I got a "crash screen."  It was a black screen with a bunch of error messages.  I had to hold the power button in for about 5 seconds to get the wii to turn off and then turn it back on.  So I tried to download the cover art again and I got the same thing.  So I powered it off and on and checked the wireless network settings and it wouldn't connect.  I checked all the settings and they are correct. I even cleared the settings and re-entered them.

So what I discovered is that when I have the external hard drive plugged in to the usb port on the wii, my AT&T Uverse service stops working.  I mean everything stops working.  I lose my internet and cable tv.  I spent about 30 mins on the phone with a tech.  He did all the remote diagnostics and modem tests and ended up scheduling a tech to come out.  After I got off the phone with him I was going to call it a night, so I unplugged the hard drive from the usb port and my cable and internet started working.  Once I saw that the internet was working again I thought AT&T had fixed it, so I tried setting up the usb drive again and as soon as I plugged it in to the usb port, the internet and cable stopped working.  At that point I figured out what was going on.  I then tried the wireless settings on the wii without the usb drive connected and it worked fine.  My wii has all the latest updates and current mod software.  Does anyone know why connecting the usb drive would crash my Uverse?  This just happened last night, so I still need to try some stuff like a different hard drive or different external drive.  Also my friend has an external hard drive that he uses on his wii without problems that he is going to let me try.  But if anyone has any ideas, please let me know.  Thanks.