WBFS Manager 3.0 / 4.0 Text Issues on VMware Fusion Windows 7


So I have a wiikey fusion and they offer an altered version of WBFS Manager on their site (4.0) which allows you to upload gamecube isos/gcn files to your wbfs formatted SD card in addition to wii isos.
So the problem that I am having is in my windows VM. I have used WBFS manager in the past without any issues on the VM (I have a macbook, so I have had to use the VM to do various WBFS related things that the WBFS manager for mac cant do). But when I recently started using it again (in conjunction with acquiring my wiikey fusion) I found that the text and font in the actual program is completely jumbled/unreadable. See: http://i.imgur.com/2Yy9y.png
I assumed that this was a .NET issue within windows, so I spent a couple of hours (windows update servers are so slow!) and got the system all up to date and even went out and installed the .NET 4.0 update.
But to no avail, even when I uninstall and reinstall the WBFS Manager 4.0 (as well as 3.0) the text and font are still unreadable. I would really like to be able to use this WBFS manager 4.0 on this VM and I know that it has worked in the past.
I saw a similar issue on here but no one had responded to it, so I figured I'd start up a new issue. The guy said that he found that by starting windows in 'safe mode' that the text would work as it was supposed to. I gave this a try and sure enough, it was working. But I would really like to fix this issue so as to not have to run windows in 'safe mode' every single time i want to use the WBFS manager
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


mk2013 wrote Mar 25 at 3:33 AM