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WBFS Manager 2.2.2

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Released: Apr 12, 2009
Updated: Apr 15, 2009 by WBFSManager
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Application Chinese Edition - x86
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Application Chinese Edition - x64
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Application German Language Pack
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Release Notes

Newly added
  • German language support has now been added. In order to enable German language support in WBFS Manager 2.2.2, download the German Language Pack, extract the zip file and copy the "de" folder into Program Files\WBFS\WBFS Manager 2.2.2 (or \Programme\WBFS\WBFS Manager 2.2.2).
  • Chinese language has now been added. In order to use the Chinese version, uninstall WBFS Manager, then download ChineseEdition-x86 (for 32-bit Windows) or ChineseEdition-x64 (for 64-bit Windows).

Changes (2.2.2)
-Improved multilingual support (can now add more languages by dropping "language packs" into the application's directory).
-Added Dutch support.

Fixes (2.2.1)
-Fixed the libwbfs delete bug.
-Added functionality to help debug the "crash on startup" situations, namely what tommyv and kruy are facing.
-Added Spanish language support, coutesy of dgtor.

Changes (2.2.1)
-Automatic cover downloading (You will be prompted the first time you run the program if you want to enable or disable this. You can also change this setting later from the Edit->Download Covers from Web menu). Please be a bit patient, it takes a couple of seconds to download as the site is somewhat slow. While it's downloading you'll see a placeholder image which will be automatically updated once the download is complete.
-Region code information
-Changed default location for covers to My Documents\WBFS Manager Covers for better UAC compliance.

Fixes (2.2)
-Kept error messages from appearing when adding multiple files. If an error occurs, the entry will be marked with a red error symbol in the Games to Add list and a tooltip with the error message will appear if you hover the mouse over the icon.

Changes (2.2)
-Added multilingual support (currently only French, courtesy of TheCrach), contact me if you'd like to add support for your language.
-Added Hombrew Channel creation (not completely tested).
-Added Cover support. Hover mouse over an entry to see the cover.
-Now defaults the selected drive in the drive combo box to the last used drive.
-Item counts for both lists.
-Added Check for Updates to Help menu. Currently only links to WBFS Manager blog which will list updates. Plan to implement proper updater later to help everyone keep up to date.

  • If your using a Chinese OS, Uninstall all versions of WBFS Manager, then, go to "C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Local\" (in Windows Vista and 7) or "C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Application Data" (in Windows XP) and delete the WBFSManager folder. Then, proceed to install using or by running setup.exe
  • For those of you having issues starting WBFS Manager, please make sure your using "Run as Administrator" for Win Vista and 7.
  • If the program is crashing at startup with a message saying "This program has stopped working...", the reason for this 99% of the time is that your .NET FW version is 3.5 instead of 3.5 SP1. Please note, theres a significant difference between these two. To avoid problems, allow the setup to install .NET 3.5 SP1 for you. If you don't want to do that, please use the following correct link for .NET 3.5 SP1:
If your having issues with drive detection make sure the drive was initially formatted as FAT32 and that the partition is a Primary* partition.

-.NET Framework 3.5 SP1 (the installer will prompt you to automatically download and install it if you don't already have it.)

Supported Operating Systems
-Windows Vista (tested thoroughly. May need to "Run as Administrator" depending on user's settings and UAC settings).
-Windows 7 (tested and working. May need to "Run as Administrator" depending on user's settings and UAC settings).
-Windows XP (tested by a few other users, should work fine.)

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