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WBFS / USB Loader GX - Suggestion / Requirement / Request

Jan 23, 2010 at 1:19 PM
Edited Jan 23, 2010 at 1:21 PM

WBFS Manager is fantastic - amazing!

There's just one thing missing which could benefit all - which probably needs changing in the USB Loader GX coding rather than WBFS Manager, but both your teams work together right?...)
Partition Management once inside the Wii is needed

I have a 500GB external HD which I've partitioned in the following way
 * 100GB - P1
 * 100GB - P2
 * 300GB - P3
The plan was to use the 100GB partitions (P1 & P2) to extract games and play from them.
However, once the Wii / USB Loader is loaded, there is no way to change which partition is read and used.
I'd have to remove the external drive, plug it into my PC and change which partition is set to Active P1 or P2, then plug it back into the Wii. This is not particularly friendly if I play one game on P1 then decide to play another on P2.

Why not make a big 200GB / 500GB partition, and shove all the games on to one partition?

One of the reasons for partitioning a drive is to improve read/write speeds - perfromance
 * theoretically, trying to find and access a file in a 500GB space will be slower than trying to find something in a smaller 250GB area

Another reason for partitioning is, well, if one partition (P1) fails I still have the other (P2).
This can't be described as increasing reliability or making things fault tolerant, but I'd be a lot less upset to lose 100GB of games, than 200GB or 500GB in one go!

So, any functinality that allows users to change which parition is used once they've loaded the USB Loader GX interface in their Wii, would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks