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SD/USB Loader does not recognize drive after playing Punch Out!

Dec 15, 2009 at 5:05 AM

This is really weird. I have Punch Out and a few other games backed up to my HDD. My HDD is a Seagate FreeAgent 500 GB with 2 partitions. 1 is a 450 GB NTFS partition which i have been using since i've gotten the external drive last year and the 2nd partition is my WBFS which is 50 gigs in size. I've successfully formatted the 50 gigs to be WBFS and i've successfully transferred Punch Out (as well as to others) to the partition.

I then went into my wii (softmodded) and tried using the SD/USB loader channel to play the game. At first everything worked great. I was playing Punch Out! for about 10 minutes and was on like the 4th guy (King Hippo). Then all of the sudden an error came up with a loud tone sound. I turned off my wii and turned it back on. I went into the SD/USB loader again but this time my drive isn't being recognized. It says it can't find a WBFS partition and asks if i want to format one. I hit A for yes just to see if it can actually see any partitions. Turns out it can't. It doesn't even detect any partitions. I hooked it back up to my laptop which reads it fine. All my files on my NTFS partition are perfectly intact and untouched and so is the WBFS partition. I'm at a loss at what to do now. I've even reformatted and recopied my files to the WBFS partition multiple times without success. my Wii still doesn't recognize the drive.

Any thoughts or suggestions on how to fix this?

Dec 15, 2009 at 8:03 PM

Ok so heres an update. I am able to use a USB thumb drive but i still can't use my external HDD so i know its not the port or the wii, that only leaves the drive. Thing is when i plug the drive back into my computer everything is fine so its not exactly the drive itself i guess. Its how the wii is detecting the drive. I have no clue on how to fix this is its really pissing me off. Anyone have a clue as to why my usb key will work but not my HDD?


Dec 16, 2009 at 1:32 AM

Is your hard drive new and right out of the box partitioned and then formatted to NTFS and WBFS? If so reformat the whole drive to Fat32 and then partition and format to NTFS and WBFS. Apparently from what I've read around the net, the drives come loaded with some security type software that needs to be formatted off with FAT32. That's all I can come up with.

Dec 16, 2009 at 6:44 PM

no its a drive i've had for a good year or so. Up until just a few days ago its only been NTFS (never reformatted and never FAT32). Would this security cause my drive to work for like 10 minutes then never work again (in the wii that is)? If so then i'll definitely try this. I bet i can delete most of the files and transfer what i need to my laptop then reformat it to FAT32 and reformat again to NTFS and WBFS.

Just to be clear though i reformat the whole thing to FAT32, to get rid of the security. Then from there i reformat again to just NTFS and WBFS (no third partition with FAT32 right?). Thx for the help. Its much appreciated.

Dec 16, 2009 at 8:58 PM

You got it buddy. Fat32 format. Repartition into two. Format one NTFS and the other WBFS or format it all to WBFS if it's only going to be WII games. And by the way I've also heard that the new Configurable USB loader v49 doesn't require WBFS format, FAT32 works. Haven't tried it myself since I"m perfectly happy using WiiFlow. Here's some info for Config USB loader v49. And you can download it here:


A new version of the Configurable USB Loader Based on Wanikoko SD/USB Loader, Kwiirk's Yal, Hermes uLoader, WiiPower's NeoGamma + many others (Sorg, nIxx, fishears, usptactical, 56Killer, WiiShizzza, hungyip84, Narolez, ...) have released v49, and finally, No more WBFS drive partition and managers.

- SDHC and USB HDD device support
- GUI and Console mode (switchable runtime)
- Background Music (.mp3 or .mod)
- Themes (switchable runtime)
- Widescreen (auto-detect)
- Transparency (covers and console)
- Cover images download
- Cover styles: 2d, 3d, disc
- Automatic resize of covers
- Renaming game titles (using titles.txt)
- Per game configuration of Video mode, Language, Ocarina cheating
- Light up DVD slot when install finishes, optional eject
- Childproof and parental guidance
- USB HDD with multiple partitions supported (WBFS for games and FAT for config, covers and other resources)
- SDHC with multiple partitions supported (WBFS for games and FAT for resources...)
- Custom IOS selection for better compatibility with USB drives and other USB devices.
- cIOS supported: waninkoko's 249 & 250, Hermes 222 & 223 (mload), kwiirk 222 & 223 (yal)
- Banner Sounds
- Loading games from .wbfs files on a FAT partition
- Configurable

Most recent changelogs:

cfg v49 (release)

* Fixed install game on SD/FAT
* Override [w]covers_size theme option with config.txt
* simple=0 will not unset hide_hddinfo when using -fat version
* Only one "#GAMEID" string inside binary - for direct starting

cfg v49b2 (beta2)

* Improved speed of loading game list when using FAT and /wbfs/id_title/ subdirs
* Changed default: fat_install_dir=1
* When downloading titles.txt and wii region is JA or KO force EN in titles_url {CC}
* Allow specifying alt_dol=name (on disc) when using direct start
* Accept GAMEID without # as argument for direct start (RHAP01 instead of #RHAP01)
* Override some theme options in base config.txt.
The options that can be overriden are those that don't
have a major effect on the theme looks and layout:
- hide_header
- hide_hddinfo
- hide_footer
- buttons
- simple
- cover_style
- cursor
- menu_plus
- gui_text_*
- gui_text2_*
- gui_title_top
* Save cfg loader version when saving gamelist.txt

cfg v49b (beta)

* Added BCA dump to file from install menu
(Press + to install and then press 1 to dump BCA)

cfg v49a (alpha)

* Games on SDHC with IOS 222/223 for both FAT or WBFS partition
* Games in subdirs on FAT
* Rename old boot.dol to boot.dol.bak when upgrading
* If the loader is used to start a game directly
(from a channel created with crap or similar tools)
and option: intro=0 is specified then no intro
and no progress is displayed until the game is started
* Support for .wip game patches (by WiiPower)
Loaded from: sd:/usb-loader/GAMEID.wip (text format)
* Support for BCA data (by Hermes)
Loaded from: sd:/usb-loader/GAMEID.bca (binary data of size 64 bytes)
(updated dip plugin from uloader 3.2)
* option: disable_nsmb_patch=[0],1 will disable the builtin nsmb patches
(in case someone wants to use/test the external .wip patch or .bca data)
* Enable WiiRD if usb gecko is connected and ocarina is enabled
even if not codes are found (by Rfrf)
* Ocarina url fix: /R/ID6 instead of /ID1/ID6 (for SNM*)

Dec 17, 2009 at 12:54 AM

awesome thanks!! i'll definitely have to check that out.