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Dec 11, 2009 at 7:28 PM

Now I know about the .RAR handling, with all the automatic stuff, but it would be more userfriendly way perhaps to allow to re-order the handling a bit; currently it start extraction right away when you add the first .RAR by browse window. What I would like to ask for would be sort of queue-window where one could just add tons of 1st .RAR parts and then just hit the start button, and WBFS Manager would do its tricks, handling one image at a time, for example overnight, when user (Joe Average) would be sleeping, waking up the morning after with a filled up drive :) Just to avoid confusion, will do a line-by scheme what I'm after here.



1st RAR->extract->add to list (from temp)->2nd RAR->extract->add to list (from temp)



1st RAR ˥

2nd RAR |--> extract RAR1 --> add to drive --> del image1 --> process rar2 (the same way as rar1)... etc. --> rarXX set

3rd RAR ˩