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Lost my wbfs partition - how to recover?

Dec 4, 2009 at 9:51 PM

I'm hoping that the answer to this is not "You're screwed mate!"

Basically....under Ubuntu Linux...I have 500GB hard drive partitioned into two. 250GB is for my Linux backups (ext4 for those who care or are interested) and the remaining 250GB was formatted and partitioned to wbfs using wbfs-manager in Linux. This is the same as WBFS Manager in Win(blows) and I can confirm that both work the same.

Now, for some stupid reason I can't work out, I managed to wipe my partition table on the 500Gb USB hard drive, thus rendering it unmountable in any operating system (tested on Ubuntu, Windows and OSX!).

So, I managed to recover the Linux (ext4 - known to Ubuntu Linux as /dev/sdb1) partition and saved all my data from it, but the wbfs partition was unrecognized by the partition recovery application I used. So now I have 250GB of UNALLOCATED SPACE at the end of my drive (should be /dev/sdb2). I know this is *FULL* of stuff and I really want to get access to it. It's very frustrating knowing it is on the drive, and just the partition *tags* are knackered. It's like a book with no front or back cover, and so all the pages fall out or can't be found!

So, help me, kind people, help me.

How can I recover my wbfs partition? I will try any means on any OS, if it will work.