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multimedia hard drive

Aug 28, 2009 at 4:49 PM

I have a iomega screenplay HD 1TB, which is a multimedia hard dride, basicly i can put movies on it , plug it into my tv and well watch movies,i tried to creat a partion there to backup my wii games to connect to my wii and play them from there but after i creat a wbfs partion when i try to use the multimedia part of it it says NO DISC and if i delete the wbfs partion everything si back to normal but obviusly i cant play the games , i read in some spanish forums that if u put the partion to type 0(in linux which i dont have and i didnt understadn the tutorial very well and if it will work in my case) windows wont detect the partion but the multimedia HD should work fine and the wii shoudl also detect it fine, so can anyone help me