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Extracting just the game partiton from a wbfs usb drive

Jul 17, 2009 at 6:12 AM

i seen a few posts in here about this and i checked my 3.0.1 wbfs manager and i dont see a option for it but.... the site i get all my games from theres recently been a bunch of posted games said to be extracted with  wbfs. The file format i see these games in are a "CISO file" these files i been getting are strictly the game paritions not the full 4.7 gigs.wonder how they are doing it with wbfs
any insight to this would be nice

by the way you guys made a sweet program keep up the good work, wish my mind was as good at programing id be getting my hands dirty and helping out  im always amazed with the homebrew and what ppl have been doing with the scene.

Jul 17, 2009 at 6:36 AM

ok sorry for double posts but i just had a brain storm the way these ppl might be getting just the game partition is by using ftp, and send  it to there pc  thru the wii when the wbfs drive is hooked up to the wii
humm... makes me wonder if any one has insight or wants to try this let me know how it gose for ya

Aug 2, 2009 at 11:38 AM

Using the version of wbfs_win.exe modified by Hermes (this version came with uLoader.), you can rip the games from your hard drive in the .ciso format (compressed ISO, I guess).  It makes a big difference when you are ripping a whole lot of games for copying, etc.  Of course, you can also add files in the .ciso format using this utility.  It's a shame the WBFS Manager GUI has not been updated to use this yet, but hopefully it will eventually. 

From the readme_new.txt:

Modified by Hermes


-run without params to use the GUI

- Integrity Check added (for files bad deleted in olders versions)

The new support add/extract in .ciso format (Compact ISO) and one new command to add a .png file (<200KB) to use on the uLoader application.

Added one option to delete CONF and PNG of uLoader (use this before to create WAD from Loadstructor)

=== Usage ===
Before using wbfs tool, you must initialize the drive. Preferably pre-format your USB drive to FAT32.

'X' in the following examples represents your drive letter, for example, G.

*init the partition:
 wbfs_win.exe X init

*estimate the size of the iso on the USB drive
 wbfs_win.exe X estimate <your_wiidisc.iso>

*add an iso to your partition
 wbfs_win.exe X add <your_wiidisc.iso>

*list the wiidisc that are on the wbfs, you will get the DISCID, game name, number of wide sectors used, and number of GB used.
 wbfs_win.exe X list

*count the number of wide sectors / GB available on your partition
 wbfs_win.exe X info

*build Homebrew Channel directories for all the games in your partition
This will actually make a directory for each game with the DISCID of the game,
copy the icon.png and boot.dol of the current directory, and make a meta.xml with the name of the game
 wbfs_win.exe X makehbc
Then copy all the directories in the apps directory of your sdcard.

*remove a disc from wbfs
 wbfs_win.exe X remove DISCID

*extract an ciso from wbfs
 wbfs_win.exe X extract DISCID

*extract an iso from wbfs
 wbfs_win.exe X isoextract DISCID

*add a .PNG file to the wbfs disc
 wbfs_win.exe X png DISCID <your_file.png>

The .png is added from offset 1024 in the disc (must be <200KB and i supose it is a filled with zero area)