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adding Japanese lang as new locaization profile (New Feature request)

May 25, 2009 at 9:04 PM


This is (discussion) proposal to add Japanese language as one of supported language for WBFS manager(WBFS).

reason 1) kids face language gap (in Japan)

reason 2) adding new language support actually increase potential users (in Japan!); may increase chance to get donation.

Suggested points to localize

1)      GUI language

2)      File name in left side panel in WBFS (i.e. suggestion for ISO file name to localized)

# one option can be added to select ISO name: 1) global ISO name in WBFS HDD, 2) localized ISO names in HDD if selected language of WBFS GUI and Wii ISO region are matched.

If this change is not taken:

Many unofficial releases of WBFS should be widely split in Japan. End users (mainly children) need to track widely split local release... 1) takes time to find one; and 2) even if the unofficial local release of WBFS is working, it may be older versions. 

There is no impact to children in other counties.


I hope I can hear good news about this.

Ref: issue id #1415 for this proposal.