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1 terra external drive ....!!! how many partions is good

May 9, 2009 at 9:01 PM

Hi i have set my 3.3e wii up ,glad the 3.01 version of wbsf looks good (i must say)

using twilight hack and running my 16 gig pen drive fine

my problem is I bought  an external caddy

usb 2.0 A - B  (i hope)

i have a 1 terra drive sata (tried to work with 3 partitions wbfs,2 ntsf for pc)

and 1 200 gig harddrive sata

pc- vista 32 with imageburner and wbfs 3.0.1

only 1 harddrive can be used at 1 time obviously but how many partitions can my wii when set up play best. surely for saftey of files and max performance ,AS does n`t having one partition make it risky a hit and hope all goes well as if that corrupts theres alot of reformatting and loading which means less game time.......

any one with experiance of try and testing