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Problem : about loading a extracted game

May 5, 2009 at 6:41 AM
Hi, frist of all, thank you for your great job,

i have install the WBFS manager 3.0, i use SD/USB loader 1.5 on my wii (3.2 us, Cios Rev10) and i use a 40G primairy partition on my (external HHD).
when i "downloading" the data from the DVD game on my (external HHD) using the SD/USD loader, everything is oki and if i connect my (external HHD) to my computer,
i can see the game on my disque.

the problem happen when i try to extract it on my HHD (on my laptop, a NTFS partition), each game tried look like freezing a the beginning but they finaly finish. So after, i delete the game on the WBFS partition and import the game on my WBFS to see if that will work, but the screen get a green flash and after it stand black and nothing happen. So the game doesn't work if it come back from a backup on my HHD laptop. I would like to understand if i did something bad.

Thank you very much
(Sorry, i don't write well english, but i tried)