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CHELSEA series

Dec 12, 2011 at 7:29 AM

This fall, Coach launched a new CHELSEA series, a series of exquisite handbags, past inspiration set Dacheng, into the modern parts and the latest in one form, the amazing. Chelsea design elegant, classic and yet gentle, by the atmospheric section, simple stitch and quiet parts of the Coach leather 's natural beauty. Chelsea returned to Coach early leather trim style, surrounded by novel long trim package, and with conventional Coach identifies the classic diamond buckle collocation, enhance the overall appearance.

Chelsea Dowel Flap clamshell packs for 20 years before Coach clamshell design was modified, supplemented by the gentle curves and noble leather, such as having a water cowhide and natural pendant goatskin effect of rough textured leather. Handmade complicated thin suede inlaid, luxury chain with 14K Gold and amber polishing, add a rich and deep.

Chelsea Suede

 cheap air Jordan,air Jordan shoes,cheap jordans Chelsea Suede Pocket Flap clamshell packs with velvety suede on simple rectangular appearance for a new interpretation, while Chelsea Flap and Chelsea Boucl e Flap clamshell package is on the modeling of small but complete repetition, noble chain length can be adjusted to handle the drape and gluteal or classic bag length, hand-sewn sequins make all of the pearlescent leather design shine.

Chelsea series also includes new embossed pearlescent leather Emerson handbag -- a vaulted appearance, luxurious fabrics, with exquisite small padlock.

MADISON series

Madison series has consistently uphold the eponymous Madison Avenue and elegant temperament, with new styling and last moment blossom classic Sophia Satchel handbag upgrades gorgeous turn. Pleated Sophia fold handbag add beautiful twist handle,  LV wallets,Gucci wallets,50% off online small size of the Sequin Mini Sophia and Sequin Ocelot Mini Sophia long cortical shoulder design can easily walk in day and night. Mini Sophia also provides noble leather handbags. Rare embossed leather trim, plus the ostrich pattern, add a texture and deep.

Coach advocate innovation as its on the traditional production process value, the Madison Quilted Nylon Lindsey leather trim is a perfect example. Inspired by 70's ski clothes, new Chevrolet Long Xuhua nylon extremely light. Shiny polished and multi-dimensional texture gives its luxurious appearance, with several powerful fall colors, such as cranberry red, orange, mahogany and gray. New model of light game -- is our elegant fashion, but more deep large handbag version of Madison Sophia -- a dramatic effect.

New Madison modeling also combines the traditional clamshell design. Madison Embossed Exotic Flap Carryall, from top to bottom by a turnover process, design, supplemented by embossing leather pearl and smooth leather with depth process. Madison Embossed Crocodile Dowel Satchel bag to" fault lines" flip featuring. Metal polishing effect embossed crocodile veneer; parts using 14K Gold and polished amber spray collocation.

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Feb 27, 2012 at 4:12 PM

just want to say .. good job brother.... Thanks for sharing it.


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