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Is possible to create a WBFS filesystem on a DVD? New functionality?

Mar 23, 2011 at 12:29 PM

Hi there!

I´m here to suggest you to create a functionality on WBFS Manager that would make it able to store WBFS backups on DVR-R discs.  So we could use external usb DVD drives an cheap DVD-R discs to store WBFS compressed games. That would lead us to unlimited storage space!!!

Something like this:

1. A button to Create and format a "virtual" WBFS disk (UP to 4.7GB-DVDR or 8GB-DL) on WBFSManager.

2. Import game ISOs to this disk up to its capacity.

3. The WBFSManager then creates a WBFS-ISO containing many games on a sigle disk. Optionally, better would be WBFSManager to have embeded DISC BURN funcionality :) so it could directly record the wbfs-disc.

4. Then we load the WBFS-DVD games as a regular external USB HD...