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wbfs drive accidentally formatted to ntfs

Feb 26, 2011 at 2:43 PM


before realizing that the wbfs partition on my external hdd must use a program called "wbfs manager" to add backups, etc., i added an .iso backup to my wbfs drive via drag-n-drop on windows vista.  now i've noticed that the file system says "ntfs" and not "wbfs" like it used to.  the shitty part is that neither the wii nor my computer can view the files on the partition.

but i know the data is still there because I haven't formatted it, even though windows tells me that I must format and that I cannot access the partition.  

Anyway to undo this and get my games back?  the partition has 10.7GB free out of 1.66TB

and if you haven't already noticed, then yes: i'm n00b and no, i did not do the original format.

Feb 26, 2011 at 10:51 PM

my plan is to use r-studio to recover the files to a backup hdd; will post, if it works. 

Mar 3, 2011 at 8:02 PM


Here's some advice for n00bz like me who cannot find help and are having similar problems:

1. If you have nearly 2tb data, like me, then backup your shit asap to avoid hassle when everything is still in working condition.

2. If Windows tells you that you have to format to access the drive or if your Wii doesn't show any games, DO NOT FORMAT DISC NO MATTER WHAT.  If you cannot access your games on your hdd, then wait to get another hdd and use it to recover and backup your lost data.

3. R-Studio recovered all my files, even though I could not access the hdd with Windows.  I recommend using that software to recover your files. 

4. Wii Backup Manager works a bit better than WBFS Manager.  I also suggest that program.

5. Newer USB loaders, like CFG USB Loader, do not need a WBFS file system, even though it can still run it.  The biggest disadvantages to the WBFS file system are that you can only have a max 500 games, and you cannot use it for anything else; only games.  With FAT32, the file size is 4GB max, which means you can't play games like Metroid Trilogy.  So the NTFS file system is the way to go.  

Hope this helps anyone else out there, since I received no help from anyone on this site and since the person I got the games from does not want to recopy his games library for me.

And to those who read my original post, knew how to help, and ignored me: you can all go fuck yourselves while I play all these Wii games... weeeeeeeeeeeee! 

Apr 1, 2011 at 7:38 AM

Sweet, this helps.