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Partition Max Size

Dec 31, 2010 at 8:54 PM


I have been experimenting with my new 1.5TB External Iomega Desktop Drive to see if there was an upper limit to the WBFS Manager as it didn't like the drive when I formatted the primary partition to 1.5TB FAT32.

Using the beautiful (free) Partition Assistant ( I created a Primary 500GB FAT32 Partition and formatted the rest as NTFS.

This worked fine and WBFS Manager recognised the partition , formatted it and I was able to convert my Wii backups onto the partition and use them through UBS Loader GX.

Next , I deleted all the partitions and reformatted the primary to 1000GB with an unformatted secondary partition.

WBFS manager also recognised this and I was able to use it with my Wii.

However, any partition above this limit, craps out when using WBFS manager. So, I'd propose that an upper limit of 1TB is all you can use with WBFS Manager.

If I am wrong, please comment below as I'd like to be able to utilise the additional 500GB.

Also, I feel that it's worth mentioning that after re-sizing or re-partitioning a drive, I would always re-load WBFS Manager and  always refresh the drive list.

I hope this saves someone a bit of frustration with drives > 1TB.

Jan 2, 2011 at 12:13 AM

actully i dont think thats the case casue i have formatted my 2t  hard drive and it read it  and i installed my  games onit  and  playedh in the wii .. now...  wheni went back to manage program to find the drive it could not ..  . i alwso tested this on a 80 gig hard drive and it also did hte same   . .im useing windows 7 so im not sure if that is the prob or anything ..  im sure  the wbfs  manager   people can  come of with an easy fix for this so it wil reconize the drives easyer with no probs


  jsut funny htat it sees it whenit formate and after but not when u  rehook it up  it wont .  hmm  wel  please fix  its great program whenit works