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problem extract iso

Dec 12, 2010 at 9:28 PM

hey, i'm a complete NOOB.. i've recently started backing up game discs on to my WBFS formatted 8GB memory stick.. which (due to the small size) will only hold about 4 games!

i tried using WBFS manager to "extract" the game files to an ISO file therefore allowing me to burn the ISO to a DVD.. however the ISO files only appear to be like 250MB.. (where as full sized DVD ISOs are usually 4.7GB...


regardless.. i tried burning the newly made small-sized ISOs to a DVD using NERO.. but nero wouldn't burn it..


ultimately.. i just want to be able to do the opposite of what i originally did..


i managed to create game files on my usb stick from actual Wii discs.. but how do i reverse this process and burn full sized ISOs on to blank ~DVD discs from these small-sized game files?


any help would be much appreciated!