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Problems with a Hard Drive

Oct 14, 2010 at 6:23 AM

Hello, im new here so im not sure if someone already posted this, i recently acquired an External Hard Drive to use it exclusively for Wii games backups, it was doing perfectly but suddenly after a certain amount of games or maybe a certain amount of space, the files transfer uses to freeze completely at the exact point, i think the space used doesnt goes over 15 GBs before the drive "cant hold" anymore games, wich is kinda strange enough because the hard drive has 230 GBs of space and it also doesnt pops up a warning or error message, i need to unplug the hard drive to make it unfreeze, can someone help me please? i currently have only 2 games in the drive, Tales of Symphonia and Red Steel, i had to delete Rune Factory Frontier because it couldnt take Red Steel before starting to freeze the transfers and its really annoying to be able to keep only a really reduced amount of games =S

Dont know if this has something to do, but i use Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit