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New Super Mario Bros & Super Smash Brawls dont like each other

Jul 23, 2010 at 5:46 AM

Hi I'm using USB Loader GX in conjunction with WBFS 3.0 and have not had any problems until I loaded Super Smash Brawls (SMB).  Now that I have loaded SMB my Mario Kart and New Super Mario Bros (NSMB) won't work.  In USB Loader GX I click on Mario Kart and the blue disc light turns on, but nothing happens, I then have to restart my Wii.  After the blue light turns on the A button on the Wiimote will no longer function.  I can then reload Mario Kart or NSMB and they work fine but then SMB will stop functioning.  I then reload through WBFS Manager SMB and NSMB and Mario Kart stop working. 

I can provide more details, but I wanted to see if anyone has heard of such an issue.