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WBFS Restore?

Jul 11, 2010 at 4:17 PM

I'm in need of help! D:

Well I have an Hitachi 1TB simpledrive. It has 3 partition, a 500gb partition for wii games, a 70gb FAT32 partition and a 360GB NTFS partition. What happened is the NTFS partition corrupted so I used a programme to restore it, that program then went and did something to the Wii partition aswell. So now my Wii partition doesn't show up in my computer but is in Disk management as "Unallocated". The Wii partition had 115 backup games on it, and theres about 40 backup backups on the NTFS partition which is now recovered. Is there any way to recover the Wii partition? Please?



Jul 11, 2010 at 5:18 PM

Never mind. I did it! :D


I'll post how I did it here incase anyone else has the same problem.

Well to start with I used disk management and right clicked the unalloced partition and did a New Simple Volume. I assigned a letter and told it NOT to format. So then I was left with a raw partition. After this I tried it in wbfs, still didn't work. Then I used WBFS to format it as a wbfs partition.  Once step closer. I then used a tool called WWT and ran the command  "wwt -f -p /dev/YOURHD EDIT ACT=0-1000" minus teh quotes and replacing YOURHD with the text for your hd. To find out what it is use WWT and run the command "wwt find -l" anyway, after that command you should get a load of text and at the bottom it should say "Total: XX discs are invalid!" where XX is the number of games. To fix this run the command "wwt repair /dev/YOURHD" without the quotes and replacing YOURHD with your hd text. Then you should get text saying * Store fixed 'free blocks table' . To check for errors run the command "wwt check /dev/YOURHD" once again replacing the text and removing the quotes. Nothing should happen after the last command and it shouldn't report any errors. Open the drive in WBFS and tada :D