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ISO doesn't copy to disk but loads fine in the right panel

Jun 19, 2010 at 3:30 PM
Hello, I have an emu iso here that loads fine into WBFS's right panel. Odd thing is that it shows... GameCube "El Torito" Bootloader PAL Predicted Size : 0.00GB ISO Size : 1.36GB when I press the "Add to disk" button it prompts after 1 second with "Item added to disk" but it doesn't appear in the left panel at all. anyone familiar with these kind of issues?
Jun 21, 2010 at 8:06 PM

I have some simular problem. WBFS shows my iso with estimated size 1.31GB and Iso size 4.38GB. When I click "add to drive" it gets stuck after 1 second.
I tried it on my mac, my windows 64b and 32b. Everytime same problem.
Only on my mac it is done after 4 minutes, but thenthe hole program WBFS gets stuck and there is still no game on my HD. 

Hope someone knows how we can fix this problem..

Jul 2, 2010 at 11:32 AM


I had the exact same problem with my "Super Mario Sunshine (GC)" and I found the answer at another site: U cant use Gamecube games through a USB-interface, because when the Wii enters "Gamecube-mode" (which it does every time u lanch a Gamecube-game) it atomaticly shuts down the USB-ports and other specific Wii-hardware making it impossible to run Gamecube-games through USB.

Thereby my conclusion is: Because the Wii cant even run the iso through USB, the WBFS Manager cant even copy it properly to a WBFS drive because its not compatible. The only games u can make Backups from on a Wii through USB is simply just Wii Games.


Sorry pal, but I got no real answer for that one :(

Jul 2, 2010 at 1:39 PM

Actually, this is way before running the file on the Wii or GameCube.


It copies nothing in the WBFS-Manager while it should.

Jul 2, 2010 at 7:46 PM

You've tried with wii backups in WBFS Manager???

If the Wii-backups doesn't load properly to a drive in WBFS Manager, then u should probably: Reinstall WBFS Manager / Reformat your drive / Or try this app instead:


If its just Gamcube-backups:

(I'dont know if there is a way to plug a WBFS-drive in to a Gamecube-console)  :S

But even if u got the Gamecube games to that WBFS-drive, it would not work when u plug it in to the Wii cause it would either freez or crash upon launching.

Anyhow, there is now way  to make Gamecube backups run through USB on Wii (yet), but when the day comes that someone find a way, I would like to be the first to know! :P

Or if u already know a way, please... please share.

I do believe though that u can launch GC-backups with a "Gecko" or an "SD to GC-memorycard adapter" and launch them that way... I've ordered one for myself yesterday cause I don't own a GC-memorycard and thereby cant save any GC-saves on my Wii... But if I find a way to make it work i will post a comment in this tread about it.


I hope u found your answer.... And I wish u luck. :)

Jul 2, 2010 at 9:01 PM

Well, it's listed as a Wii ISO but it might be a GC one aswell.


It's a Super NES emulator with some games on it.


Just had a look at it and it seems that the ISO is only 1.4Go instread of the usual 4.7Go

maybe WBFS doesn't support partial ISO?


Jul 3, 2010 at 5:49 PM

Hmmm... Cant really answer that one.

But if u add an 4,7GB standard iso size wii-disc to WBFS-manager it should show the compressed size in "Predicted size" (or something) which usually is pretty much lower, ex. My copy of "Super Paper Mario Wii PAL.iso" only takes about 500MB (Same as when its compressed to a rar-archive) when transfered to WBFS-drive. While the iso which I load the disc from, still takes the regular size 4,7GB on my PC.

But u should probably try to find out if anyone else got the same iso that u got to work properly... Maybe its a bad copy???

Otherwise I'm as lost as u are

Have u downloaded the copy from a torrent site or where did u get it from?

Maybe I should try it out on my system???