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Files saved to disk via WBFS manager canot be seen by WII and files saved to disk via WII canot be seen in WBFS manager

May 11, 2010 at 1:01 PM



I recently entered the wonderful world of WBFS and hooking up a USB drive to my WII.


I have done the following:

1) Connected my USB disk (160GB for those who are interested) and selected it in WBFS manager. Then formatted the disk (which went really fast)

2) After that transferred some games from ISO on my Windows XP PC to the USB disk

3) Connected my USB disk to Wii

4) Started an USB loader (used USB GX and also another one)

5) On the WII I got the message my disk was not formatted and had to be formatted, ok so I formatted the disk (also really fast)

6) After that saved a couple of my WII games via the DVD drive to the USB disk


Now when I plug in the USB disk to the PC I can see the games I uploaded via WBFS manager, but not the ones I uploaded via the WII

When I plug the USB disk to the WII I can see the games I copied from the DVD drive but not the ones from WBFS manager


Can anyone tell me what I should do? Are there some hidden expert settings in WBFS manager which shows all the WBFS partitions on the disk?

Jul 13, 2010 at 12:43 AM

I think I have the same issue. my problem is compounded by the fact that my 200gb drive that I formatted with WBFS manager when I plugged it into the wii for the first time it said no wbfs partitions found and only shows a 7gb partition. I formatted it and copied a game from disk. but like the poster above wbfs manager can't see it. I've formatted the drive back and forth several times with no luck.

Jul 13, 2010 at 8:21 AM

I was able to resolve my problem using another WBFS program which allows DOS commands (also has a crappy windows GUI) I wiped the whole disk and after that was able to upload files using WBFS manager and also via my WII and offcourse play the games using WII.


I am now running into a new issue... My 160Gb disk is almost full :-p