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External HDD Broken!

Apr 20, 2010 at 5:43 AM


I had 2 320gb WD External HDD's pluged into my pc and I was cloning them. The new HDD was formatted in WBFS and was being recognised.  I started the cloning Drive to Drive Process when after 30 mins into it error's popped up saying that it couldn't copy the drive.

I closed the error screens and restarted WBFS, the new HDD that was 1/2 cloned now wasn't being recognised in WBFS, only my old HDD with all my games on it.  I right clicked on "My Computer" and went to "Manage" to see if it would recognise it in "Disk Management".  It didn't show up.

Now I have this HDD that WBFS wont recognise or My Computer to even reformat it back to "Raw" so i can Format back into WBFS and start fresh.

I have searched for days online to find a way of reading the HDD but no such luck yet.

I have tried the Following:

1. Different Cables

2. Re-Enabling all my USB Ports

3. Tweak-UI


Can anyone have any information on how to fix this problem? Or has WBFS killed my External HDD?