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Problems with ISOs from Sports Resort and Fit Plus

Apr 8, 2010 at 9:59 AM


I have an interesting Problem: I have ISOs of Wii Sports Resort and Wii Fit Plus. At first I transfer WSR to my WBFS-formatted HD. Then I transfer Fit Plus to my HD. Now I extract the Iso of WSR back to my PC. When I then try to add these extracted ISO to the HD, WBFS-Manager says, the ISO is Wii Fit Plus. The other way around I can reproduce this Problem. If I first transfer Wii Fit Plus, then WSR, then extract ISO of Wii Fit Plus and then try to add this it say this is WSR. It seems that everytime I add one of these Games, the other one has been overwritten in an way. As a result I am not able to play that game, that was copied to the hd last. The other one and all other games work. I use a Western Digital BAAA3200ABK My Passport Essential 320GB with 2 Partitions, First 100GB with FAT32, 2nd with WBFS for the Rest. I've tested with multiple ISOs, its the same result. I do not think, the I have a problem with my wii, cause the Problem occurs even without connecting the hd to the wii. Has anyone such a problem or a hint how I can solve it?